Monday, February 23, 2015


Not that they asked me..but then, they didn’t ask Sen. Rand Paul either, and he wants them to change their decades old state primary way of selecting candidates into a caucus system. Why? So Sen. Paul may run for 2 federal offices at once (President and Senate) which is now prohibited.

Bad idea.

One, the system has worked for a long time, why change to an untried system?

Two, procedures based on people seldom work as well as systems based on experience or objective factors.

Three, if you have looked into the Iowa caucus system, on which Paul bases his request, you know that it has many problems.  (A New England style town meeting it is not, and that tradition would be better IF the GOP must change.)

Four, why should we allow one person to run for two offices in the same election?  We don’t do it locally, or on the state level..and that’s from years of experience (as well as fairness to other candidates), so why allow it on the federal level?

It’s a bad idea Sen. Paul and I hope the state GOP will reject it…not that they asked me.

I'm just sayin'...

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