Sunday, March 1, 2015


1---Do NOT jump to conclusion we know who Jihadi John is. So far, only the media has reported his identity, not any government agency.  The media may be right, but….Even such a notorious person as “JJ” deserves the benefit of the doubt until we are 100% sure who he is.

2. If ever there was a case for a change of venue, the Boston  bomber case is it.  How in the world can this guy get a fair trial in that city?  I know, 5 different courts have said he can. I don’t believe it..and IF I am right and he is convicted, this would be a grounds for overturning his conviction on appeal…and that is just not worth taking such a risk.  Better to hold the trial elsewhere and avoid such a problem.

3. Sometime we learn. After years of letting Nazi  criminals live here undetected (or because our government didn’t want to know, which was worse)—several of whom lived into their 90s before we brought them to justice, the US has recently moved to deport 300 Bosnians, maybe involved in the same genocide  as the Nazis, only as recently as the 1990s. Maybe we have learned.

4. Maybe. Remember Attica? Perhaps the bloodiest prison riot in US history, forever staining the otherwise admirable administration of NY Governor Nelson Rockefeller. 40 years ago, and yet..3 prison guards at Attica have been charged with the brutal beating of a prisoner and are awaiting trial.

5. Remember those Somali pirates? They just released 4 poor fishermen from Thailand, held longer than any of their other captives. A UN agency negotiated their release. If you are out of the news,  except to your family, who works for your wellbeing? Apparently only the UN.

6. And while we are remembering, how about  Tupperware? Once a staple of American life, its biggest market is now Indonesia.  Just thought you’d like to know.

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