Sunday, March 8, 2015


The AT&T bill causes all my suspicions about Frankfort to be strengthened. I have no evidence, but I strongly suspect some money changed hands here..if not a direct buying of votes  (illegal) than just the massive spending AT&T did to get this bill passed.

A small army of lobbyists, more than 30..a half million spent in their expenses, and at least $60,000 in direct contributions to various campaigns over the last few get a bill passed allowing the carrier to drop landlines in certain circumstances..even tho the AT&T top official said they wouldn’t do that and haven’t done that in other states where similar bills have passed.

The governor has promised to sign it..all in the name of “progress” get better, hi-speed broadband services throughout Kentucky. Now, we need such service, and right now, we are deficient in it.  Whose fault is that?  AT&T and other carriers. There is money to be made in providing such service so go ahead and provide it. Besides, these new digital services come with higher bills than plain old vanilla landlines.

In the 90s, money changed hands to get bills passed. Deals were made, kickbacks offered—or extorted and the whole mess smelled so badly, the Speaker of the House went to prison. It was called the BOPTROT scandal. Reforms were passed..but since then every single major one of those reforms have been either diluted or  undone by new legislation.

The stage is ripe for a new BOPTROT scandal. Is the AT&T bill it? I don’t know; I have no evidence-so far. Pity, the press corps in Frankfort has also been diluted and we may never know because there are now fewer investigative reporters there to figure out if a new BOPTROT has, in fact, in the future.

Where are you, 4th Estate, when we really need you???

I'm just sayin'...

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