Sunday, April 26, 2015


Economically , culturally, historically….and no one seems to care.

Haven’t heard an objection---from any one.

It started with this headline in the Louisville Courier-Journal:  “Bourbon Trail Starts here”

Oh??? Louisville is closer to Bourbon County than Lexington is? Closer to many of the historic distilleries and famous names in bourbon history? (Pappy vanWinkle might be one to object. His rare, purloined spirit wasn’t made in Jefferson County.)

This is serious.

And not just for stealing Blue Grass history and culture. Hundreds of thousands of tourism dollars, and a lot of jobs could be at stake.

So what’s being done about it?

Silence from City Hall. Silence from Commerce Lexington. Silence from my fave morning paper.

I gather we are going to roll over and let River City get away with it.

Darn shame.

A lot of anniversaries of the Vietnam war are coming up..time to relearn our history for we of the older generations; time for younger people to learn some important history and civic lessons (which our government didn’t learn..and plunged right on into Iraq and Afghanistan..and may yet in Syria!)

As the local media pump out these anniversary stories, please pay attention. It’s really important if we are not to relive our mistakes..and killed thousands more.

KET plans a major program, ”The Last Days of Viet Nam” Tuesday at 9pm. Please watch!

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