Wednesday, May 6, 2015


1. We have more people registered to vote than ever, and a prediction fewer of them will vote. Something must be done to get more people to the polls. How about penalties for not voting? A fine, taking away your driver’s license (that’ll get the young people out) home incarceration..seriously something MUST be done.

2. with 4 candidates, and a predicted 10% turnout, someone could win the GOP primary with 3% of the vote. Should he become governor (see next) what a truly bad precedent that would be.

3. I said when Conway ran against Rand Paul, the election was his to lose..and he lost it.  I will say again, the governor’s race is his to lose..and we shall see. If state Dems take the position Conway is a shoe in, he isn’t!

4. I thought Comer handled himself well defending himself against the accusations he mistreated his college Girl Friend. He may well get a sympathy vote from those who don’t like this type of politics. He will get nowhere suing the C-J; save your money, Mr. Comer.  The hand of the Crosbies in all this looks very suspicious. Stand by.

5. Will Scott is an enigma to me. Many lawyers strive all their lives to become judges, yet he gave up the high court seat, knowing he was underfunded, probably could not win. Why??? Al Cross implied in a recent column, he was urged into the race by Prince Hal Rogers to drain off E. Kentucky votes from Comer. So Scott then loses twice. What, how does Rogers repay him—if Al is right? Does he clear the way for Scott to run for his seat in Congress? Probably just after Rogers moves to Tennessee, with his Volunteer State wife, and runs for governor down there..which has also been rumored.

Kentucky—where the politics are the damnest!

I'm just sayin'...

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