Monday, May 11, 2015


Held an interesting election last week. (One my fave morning Lexington paper ignored…carried NO story on it the next morning at all! Did the following day when we had heard the results. Local broadcast media ignored it also; big mistake too .)

Maybe I’m seeing too much of Wolf Hall but I have a reverence for the Mother Country, even when she screws up. If Henry the 8th hadn’t broken with the Church of Rome, who knows how different our history might have been. (Poor Henry kept blaming Anne and his various wives for not giving him male heirs. Today we know it’s the man who determines a baby’s sex.  A little knowledge can be dangerous.)  BTW, Cromwell lost his head later on, too, just in case you wanted to know…)

Readers of this blog know I am not enamored of election polls.  (The only one that counts is taken after the polls close.) The UK polls, pre-election, all got it very, very wrong. It was another election “too close to all.”  Hoo-HAW! The exit polls (the ones I like the least) got it right—and the Tories (Conservatives) are back in office.

That includes their promise to hold a referendum on Britain’s membership in the European union...a vote that could have major consequences for many nations, including our own.

And those restive Scots (got to luv ‘em, they’re so like our own rebellious colonies of so long ago) may cause the PM many new problems...and probably will.

Unfortunately our news media have cut back on foreign news coverage (see note on Herald-Leader above) a time when we need to know much more about possible new enemies and troubles abroad.

May I make a the BBC World News on KET at 11pm (sometimes delayed due to special programming) It’s the best world news coverage you can see locally, and I strongly recommend it.

I'm just sayin'...

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