Sunday, June 7, 2015


Two prominent Republicans have suggested Kentucky needs a debate commission, similar to the national one on Presidential propose and supervise similar debates on the governor’s level.


Centre held two national veep debates and they went well, helping all of us sort out the candidates there.  A similar series of debates, one for each congressional district is the proposal, would help a lot. (Maybe local tv would even cover them, though the record of the Lexington media during the debates leading up to the primary is a sorry one.)

I like debates...especially those framed about issues, which is the proposal. KET’s debates have done well to illustrate the issues and the candidates stands.  More should help.

Though this idea comes from the Grand Old Party I hope state Dems will not reject it out of hand. A good idea from anywhere is a good idea and worth adopting.

And state Dems should have little to fear from Matt Bevin in a debate. If ever a candidate spoke “gibberish” it was Bevin in accusing the Dems of doing the same. I urge you to go back and re-read his comments a few days after the election.

Let the debates begin...and if we can’t get them up by this November, surely we can for four years hence.

I'm just sayin...

Let’s do this!

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