Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Four GOP presidential candidates, including our own Rand Paul, accepted thousands of dollars in donations from a white supremacist group—the Council of Conservative Citizens. This group’s beliefs and reports supposedly triggered he “Manifesto” and possibly the later shootings in Charleston by the alleged shooter Dylann Roof.) Since this information came out all the candidates, including Sen. Paul, have pledged to give those contributions to charity instead.

BUT, why didn’t Paul know the source of his contributions before the tragic events in Charleston??

There’s Google, and Ask Me, and a dozen websites on the internet allowing people to find out just what the bland sounding “Council” really was and its policies. Why weren’t those easy to use reference sources used BEFORE accepting the contributions.

Is it the money?  Is it we don’t care what they believe so long as they listen to us?

These GOP candidates often say they will have a greater concern for taxpayers’ money than the Democrats so “elect us.” Well, such concerns for other peoples’ money starts with concerns over how they handle their own funds---and in this case the results don’t support their claims.

Yes, others are involved here, but Paul is one of us. Kentuckians, and Kentucky reporters, need to ask him why his staff didn’t check on this group before accepting their money. As we know AFTER the fact, such checking wasn’t difficult.

What other less-than-honorable contributions, if any, has he accepted. And will he now do the research he didn’t do before?

Kentuckians need to know.

I'm just sayin'...

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