Sunday, February 21, 2016


Senator McConnell is considered, even by his opponents, to be a savvy politician...but he has stumbled badly in our latest constitutional issue.

Justice Scalia’s body wasn’t even cold before Mitch was telling the President not to bother to send a nominee to the Senate because that body wouldn’t even  take it up.  Besides being an insult to our President, and an affront to the Constitution, this was very, very bad PR for the GOP, often accused of leading the charge to close the government and causing the logjam in Washington. 

Scalia was our leading advocate of strict interpretation of the Constitution, and in his honor, the Senate leader was saying he would ignore exactly what that document says, that the “President SHALL..” send a nominee forward. What an ironic statement to follow Scalia’s death!

McConnell forgot his own history, because as a young lawyer he had urged a previous President years ago to do just that.

BTW, the last time, in an election year, the president sent forth a nominee, the Democratic controlled Senate almost unanimously approved Justice Kennedy, a Republican,  to the court.

Without a 9th member, some cases may well have to be reargued whenever the final member is UNnecessary expense to you and me, while major decisions could hang in the balance.  Bad idea.

Mitch is banking on the GOP winning the White house and someone more conservative than Obama making the nomination.

Let me suggest that is not only a bad idea, but an outcome that may well NOT happen.

This is the wildest presidential campaign I have seen in over 40 years of covering them. The polls have been wrong, and the so called “political experts” have been even more wrong, and no one knows that November will bring. But let me suggest, for Senator McConnell’s consideration, playing the odds:

There are but 2 major parties. The odds are 50/50 the GOP will win, or the Democrats will. 50/50

There are 2 major Democratic candidates as of now. The odds are 50/50 our next Chief Executive will be HRC or Senator Sanders. 50/50

Would you rather have Mr. Obama make the nomination, Senator, or Mrs Clinton?  Or that Socialist colleague of yours, Sen. Sanders.

Think about it.  50/50 Senator.

Why not, in Justice Scalia’s honor, follow his beloved Constitution, receive Pres. Obama’s nominee, give the person an honest hearing, THEN decide yea or nay.

The memory of Justice Scalia, our Constitution, and our country deserve that approach.

I'm just sayin'...

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