Sunday, February 28, 2016


I’m writing about politics...Kentucky’s and the nation’s. And both are in poor shape.

The state GOP finally admitted it had done a bad job publicizing this year’s presidential caucus. Party leaders said the group had counted on the candidates to do that, but guess what?  They were too busy in other states, such as the Super Tuesday states to do it. Thus the “RPK” as it is called abdicated its responsibilities to its own members.

And there are still 9 counties without a caucus site, and who knows what arrangements to car pool or bus members to a neighboring county.

This caucus idea was a very bad one from the start and does not deserve  to be repeated.

But not  nearly as bad at Sen. McConnell’s plan to refuse the President’s nominee for the Supreme Court a the face of the clear requirement of that document that he “shall” do it...and in the face of the strict construction approach the late Justice Scalia would have taken on that...had Mitch asked him.

Nationally, I shudder for my fellow political reporters who keep getting it as wrong as many polls. (BTW, did you see that in Iowa we had “entrance” polls to caucuses, not just exit...and, of course, NO margin of error for either, if such even exists for entrance polls).

Please do NOT, I beg you, assume any election is over, as of now.  After all, HRC was the clear winner expected in 2008  (only 8 years ago, fellow scribes) and was anointed last year...and again after each state’s returns this year.

(BTW-2,  2 Sundays ago, the Lexington paper ran 2 AP stories on the SC and Nev elections...without giving a SINGLE VOTE total reported in either story...not the raw totals, not percentages, ZIP.  USA Today did the same yesterday; what’s going on here.

Will there be a brokered convention?  Who knows? Almost everything else this election season has turned out to be wrong.

But these figures don’t lie….IF Trump were to find every single delegate vote in ALL the Super Tuesday states, he would have a little over 50% of the convention delegates he needs….and that leaves a long, long way to Cleveland (and sanity).

Let me add, the only thing more wide open than the political campaign is who will win the Final Four. Stay tuned for both.

I'm just sayin'...

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