Monday, March 7, 2016


Which, of course, is what the  caucus was…even if its originator, Rand Paul, wasn’t there.

Did it work?  Not for my money.  (Or Sen. Paul’s $250 grand).

Yes, the turnout was up, slightly. Usually its 16 percent, early figures say 17.9%.

And that’s from only 111 counties, ‘cause the state GOP (RPK), in its wisdom, disenfranchised 9 counties, mainly in Eastern Kentucky, where there was no voting place…and little, if any, plans to transport voters to a nearby county.  Still think RPK should have been sued over this.

For those who think the higher turnout, and appearances by 2 of the candidates made Kentucky more “relevant”, NO Way.  Each 4 years has its own relevance, and that doesn’t necessary carry over four years later.

Beyond this, in 2 major GOP counties in N Ky, there was just one polling place for over 50,000 registered voters, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist…

RPK had promised statewide returns at 7pm. Nope, took til `10pm, and at least one county chairman said he couldn’t get thru because the lines were jammed.

As a citizen, I’m  happy about an 18% turnout (for the most powerful office in the world!  18%!!!)     As a reporter, waiting for returns that seemed never to come, I’m unhappy.  RPK mishandled the caucus, and it should NOT be repeated.

Some UK football player, who I don’t know, apparently did poorly on his NFL tryout, then opined..he would now go into TV sports, saying  “ain’t got nuthin’ better to do.”

I don’t know if he meant it, or had his tongue firmly in cheek. I will say, given the daily grammatical errors of our local TV broadcasters, he’ll fit right in.

I'm just sayin'...

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