Sunday, July 31, 2016


1. PBS got its act together and did a better job of convention coverage, mainly because it solved its over-riding audio problems from RNC..but I’m still very unhappy the “mainstream” networks reduced their coverage to an hour at 10pm.

2. A leading pollster told a DC paper "Right now, the polls don’t mean a thing!” Much too much time til November..but I would point out the “Odds” not the polls with 2 major candidates are that  each has a 50/50 chance to win.  And that ought to give everyone, in either camp, the heebie-jeebies.

3. Gray lives matter.  Freddy Gray did NOT kill himself.   Baltimore should continue its probe, and maybe into its prosecutor’s office.

4. Any city with a local paper needs a columnist who chronicles its fables and Joe Creason and hundreds of others have proven. For Lexington, Don Edwards was that person. He died recently, and his wit and wisdom will be missed.

5. Don’t know what Don would think about his old paper being printed in Louisville, but I view it as an unmitigated news disaster. It may be fine for the bottom line, it will not be good for important evening news which will NOT be in next day’s paper. City council meetings, school board meetings, zoning hearings, etc. that last beyond 9pm (maybe 8pm) simply won’t appear the next day.

If only local broadcast media realized what a golden opportunity this is for them  (including one promoting “new” news at 11) to set up expanded city hall and school coverage; if only…

6. Lexington has become a city much  more friendly to bikes. Many cities, in the US and around the world, held Naked Bike Ride days recently.  Don would have loved that. Don’t think Lexington is quite ready for in London ( England, that is) both sexes took to the streets naked. In that UK, it is NOT against the law for women to be naked in public, only men.

7, Many people thru out Lexington were horrified at the cold blooded murder of a priest in a small Normandy town last week..because so many of us have been there, thanks to the Sister City program. What bothers me is that there are thousands of such churches thru out France, and other countries, and if terrorists wage war on them, there isn’t a police force in the world that can protect them all. If this is their new tactic, God help us.

8. If you have some spare time this week, Google “Charles Whitman.” See if you think we have learned much in the past 50 years.

I'm just sayin'...

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