Monday, August 30, 2010

America Is Not a Christian Nation!

Nor is it a Protestant nation, and it is especially not a Southern Baptist nation.

It IS a religious nation, and those two thoughts are not contrary ones.

Our Founding Fathers were overwhelmingly Christian (but not all, Jefferson was not, for one example.) They were, perhaps even more so, students of history. They had seen, first- hand, the religious wars of Europe, the bigotry, the persecutions, the killings, the holocausts of their day; and they wanted no part of it. They knew few things unite people so much as religion, or divide them.

So they drew up a nation that was (1) religious; (2) devoid of any "state religion"--the real problem many of them saw in Europe--and (3) open to the free exercise of all religions, including those whose "religion" was no religion, the disbelievers, the unbelievers. They, too, were to have the freedom to "practice" or not, and never to be coerced by the power of the state.

Recent renewed attempts by some of our county officials to post in public places (whether at taxpayer expense or not is irrelevant) the Ten Commandments reminds me, it's an election year, and the pandering of some officials for votes never ceases. And that they do not understand American history.

You cannot fight for the freedom of a Methodist to worship, and deny it to a Jew. You cannot believe Mormons have the right to establish a Temple in your town--one of America’s most persecuted minorities throughout our history, and deny the right of Muslims to do the same. That's simply not fair, not right, not American.

Court records of many Kentucky cases make clear county officials wanted to post, first at public expense, the Christian ten commandments on public property in order to promote religion; their religion. The courts struck this approach down. Then, they got devious, surrounding the Ten Cs with other religions' words (including the Ba'hai!), and history, and all manner of nonsense to try to disguise their real intent. In some places, this, unfortunately, worked.

But make no mistake, the temporary success in any of these places, and the totally unwarranted expense to the taxpayers of all faiths, is a setback along the road toward true Freedom...and it is Freedom that is America's legacy to the world, not economics, or security. It's Freedom to worship or not without the state looking over your shoulder.

“I’m just sayin’”…

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