Monday, August 23, 2010

Company's Comin' And Our "Place" Is A Mess!

We've been told this for months and our downtown traffic mess certainly reflects it. But besides the big projects now on the clock before the start of the World Equestrian Games, may I suggest some little ones Lexington and private groups ought to do to "hep", sorry, "help" our forthcoming tourist stream?

One: Ask every restaurant to do what many do abroad--sometimes required by law; post a current copy of their menu, with prices, OUTSIDE the establishment. It’s so simple in France to check this to determine if you want to enter. Many have them displayed in small, glass-front, wooden cabinets, lighted at night. Simple, effective, helpful. Easy to change between lunch and dinner menus if required, also.

Two: For restaurants, department stores, gift shops, etc--places that cater to tourists--have signs posted in a front window or doorway, (somewhere that can be seen easily and quickly), listing the languages spoken by store personnel. I took some French friends to Sears a few years ago, where we were waited on by a saleslady whose French was quite good, and while it wasn't needed, my guests spoke excellent English. It made for a more delightful shopping experience.

So, let's get those signs; “Habla Espanol”, "Parlez-Vous francais", "Sprechen sie deutsch", etc. printed and displayed.

Three: We need at least two large, double-sided maps; I'm talking 4x5', 5x7' etc. to "hep" our guests find their way around downtown and nearby environs. I've used these maps in many a village and city abroad and they are helpful.

For example, put one at Thoroughbred Park near the Herald-Leader. One side would show the area from there, west through the Library perhaps, while the back side would be a map of Ashland-Chevy Chase- and U.K. areas. Put a second in Triangle Park. One side maybe from that area east to the Library, so there is an overlap of our main downtown area. The other side could be South Hills and west to include the Lexington Cemetery. I know our city mapmakers can do this and have excellent ideas. It may not be too late.

And you know what's really good about all this? When WEG is over, all 3 ideas can, and should, remain, to help people visiting Lexington, whether they come from abroad, or closer to home.

Y'all come back now, you hear? And, we've made it easier for you.

“I’m Just Sayin’”

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  1. It would be very interesting to know stats on WEG hotel/apartment/house rentals, in the area. I still see ads for all of the above, unlike early spring, when the ads seemed to be scarce. p.s.-so pleased you are blogging....this will be interesting!