Thursday, August 19, 2010

Media Coverage of Steve Nunn Trial Should Be No Different Than Any Other

Hurray! Hurray! Steve Nunn's back in court.



No more 6 day beard, no more orange jail garb.

Now, let the Lexington TV stations , and the newspapers discard their past pictures and tapes of the "old" Nunn. They should use video, stills of the Nunn who most recently appeared in court; looking as men his age and status do when going to court.

I have long believed that "perp walks" and especially the use of file pix and tape of suspects who looked like the "old" Nunn continue to impress viewers and readers that this person is guilty. That is contrary to our long standing, basic, and absolutely essential theory of "presumed innocence."

As of today, Steve Nunn is innocent.

Let me write that again...Steve Nunn is innocent.

I hope our local media will agree, and we have seen the end of the unshaven, prison garb file stuff. I do realize that until the latest court appearance, our local media only had that type of picture to use. But no more. From now on, if they truly believe in the "presumption of innocence" they will strive to use the file pix of the "new" Nunn, the "normal" Nunn, the "regular" Nunn, and not prejudice the public, his "peers" from whom his jury must be drawn, before his case goes to trial.

Would you want any less if you were that person on trial?

“I’m just sayin’”…

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