Monday, May 2, 2011

Dr. Capilouto is NOT the man to be UK's next president.

Permit me to dissent.

Dr. Capilouto is NOT the man to be UK's next president.

One, he is 61 and, as Dr Todd did, might decide in four years to retire. He could, and then this entire flawed selection process would have to begin again: in secret, using a national consulting firm at a high fee. We don't need this, ever, but especially not so soon.

Two, while as provost he oversaw UAB's academic section, his background is mainly medical. That could give rise to a feeling that, once again, the medical tail is wagging the entire UK dog; (after sports, of course.) Too often it seems UK's medical facilities can find money when the rest of the campus can not...and important basic academic things...classes, salaries, new programs, even maintenance, suffer. Someone whose background was primarily academic is needed. This may not be that person.

The best thing Dr. Capilouto has done so far was to come to the campus incognito and see for himself. (I am divided on whether eating at the Keeneland track kitchen was a stroke of genius or bad advice. Where does he stand on poke sallet?)

I don't know him; few do. Maybe his campus appearances this week will reassure others, but for the reasons cited I dissent from the board's decision.

Let's try again...and in the open as befits a public university.

I'm just sayin'...

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