Monday, May 9, 2011

Random Thoughts About Time and Travel

I've believed for years if the world would just let me schedule its events, this would be a happier, more logical, and more efficient place.

For example: who scheduled the Derby, Mothers Day, and all those school graduations for the same weekend? OK, The Derby is set--first Saturday in May, Mothers Day shifts around, but surely schools could have looked ahead and put commencement elsewhere. Did anyone plan ahead?

Coming back from Lou-ah-vul Sunday, without warning, downtown Lexington traffic was in knots. Either a rock star or..uh, oh..graduation at Rupp I thought. I tried side streets..West Main to Jefferson to Merino to Maxwell..ah but, those minds in LPD traffic were letting cars out the back Rupp lot, and narrowing Maxwell traffic from two lanes to one with insufficient advance warning. Suddenly, we could see flashing lights blocking the street; too late(!), courteous drivers let us in the wrong lane move over, thankfully.

Coming back On I-64, I saw one or more of those electronic overhead signs..blank. The one nearest Lexington could have warned us about the downtown traffic mess..but no. (The state could also have used them to thank our Derby visitors, tout other state attractions, but no...great opportunity lost.)

What other traffic signs did say was in several sections of I-64 there was construction work going on,slow down, stay in lane, etc. This is Mothers Day and Sunday. There was NO such work. Why were the signs not turned off..or moved away..or, as in the old days, covered with burlap?

I firmly believe that when examples like these happen, drivers mentally believe the next time there won't be any construction either..and speed or ignore the safety rules. KYDOT is working against itself, and safety, when it lets such inaccurate signs be used.

Lexington wants to spend mucho dinero on a traffic system overhaul to speed traffic up. Let's start with this simple idea that won't cost anything..cut the 2 minute wait time at major intersections down to one minute or 90 seconds at the most. Watch traffic speed up.

If the world would just listen!

I'm just sayin'...

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