Monday, May 16, 2011

Let's hear it for all those purple stained fingers!

For several years now, in various parts of this globe, people have risked real danger in order to vote; something too many of us take for granted, and ignore.

America proclaims itself the #1 democracy of the world, yet this week, it is estimated, only 9% of us may vote in Kentucky's primary. The U-S habitually has among the lowest voter turnout of the "western democracies." And the historical trend is down.

Our basic two party system (as if America's vision could be contained within a mere two parties!) is partly to blame; governments--at all levels--are partly to blame; the media are partly to blame; the lack of any systematic "get-out-the-vote" program is partly to blame, but we are primarily to blame. Americans shouldn't need such incentives; not if we truly understand and appreciate our history, and the men and women from Valley Forge to the Somme to Iwo Jima to Abbottabad who sacrificed to make and keep us free.

Voting, which takes about an hour twice a year most years, compared to their sacrifices, and yet we complain,or worse, ignore that civic duty. Yes, I said duty!

In Iraq and Afghanistan ordinary men and women, especially the young and students, stood in long lines,in unhealthy conditions, braved bomb attacks, and corruption to vote, and get a cherished symbol: purple ink on a finger, signifying they had voted!

Then they went home, and maybe fell victim to violence that cut off that finger, or maybe an entire hand...or a head, because they voted.

Freedom is not free. It requires...requires....only a few is: that you vote.

If you don't, spare me your excuses. Tell them to Team Six and ask if they understand.

I'm just sayin'...

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