Monday, April 9, 2012


Are we happy the Cats won the SEC?

Let's Celebrate--torch a couch.

Are we pleased they made the Final Four?

Let's Celebrate--chuck a couple of beer bottles at the cops!

Are we delirious they're the new National Champions?

Let's Celebrate..burn a house or garage or car!

This is not celebration; this is not letting our team know how great we think they are--Brow and Jones & MKG and Teague are probably cringing at the national news coverage of how some UK students celebrated their victory--this is not just dumb, this is beyond stupidity--casting a shadow on all UK students, the school, Lexington & Kentucky, and, on one of the greatest teams in UK history.

Needlessly, because there are many ways to celebrate that don't include destroying property and injuring innocent people.

As for the guy who said "we won, houses should burn", OK, what's your address? We'll be right over! That's entirely logical, and also beyond stupidity. And this is the guy that I am paying taxes to educate? A future leader of the Commonwealth? Jail bird, more likely.

At the very minimum he, and all those convicted of setting fire to property, overturning cars, injuring police and firemen should be brought up on whatever appropriate charges there are before the designated UK body--in addition to what the courts decide. And yes, expulsion should be considered.

Because, if we don't get a handle on this now, what sort of beyond stupid "celebration" will we have when UK ties and exceeds the UCLA record?

Go Cats!

Down "celebration!"

I'm just sayin'...

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