Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Our governor sent the legislature a budget he called "inadequate" for Kentucky's needs, but all he felt he could do under today's financial straits.

60 days later the legislature sent it back to him for signing, still "inadequate", maybe even "ugly."

Part of this situation will continue until the economy gets better--but, when it does, our legislators have been known to go hog-wild, spending not wisely but too well. Part of the problem is what they call "structural imbalance", part is due to our antiquated tax structure; and while some say a few steps were taken to address the first, nothing was done about the second, except one more commission named to study the problem and report.

In short, as too often happens, things were "put off", especially a basic need to revamp the way our election districts are revised.

It is, after all, an election year..when legislators sweep issues, problems under any convenient rug, including yours and mine.

Lift that rug, shake it out in the sunshine of this election year; remember what was NOT done, and hold their feet to the fire with your primary and general election vote, and your questions and comments to them in forums and individual meetings. That's the way democracy is supposed to work, but too often doesn't. Only you can change that.

I'm just sayin'...

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