Tuesday, January 22, 2013


While you may have been on break, a study sent to NCAA presidents shows its public members spend, on average, six to 12 times as much on athletes each year as they do on you "regular" academic students.
Nowhere was the disparity worse than in the SEC, where the ratio was 12 times as much!!!
Biggest single item: coaches salaries, and the growth of athletic staffs.
While these are "averages" and will vary by acdemic department, the report continues the growth in jock spending over mere academic students..and covers the period from 2005 to 2010..when most public schools were pleading poor mouth to state governments (with reason)..yet in Division 1 schools, such as UK,, athletic spending went up twice as fast as academic spending.
Median SEC athletic spending in 2010 was $164,000 per athlete, versus $14,000 per academic student. The lowest paid SEC football head coach just got a $500,000 raise..about 33%.
At UK, let it be noted the Athletic department often diverts money from its budget to help the school in academic and non-athletic ways.. (Under some past ADs,  this wasn't entirely voluntary. Some presidents engaged in arm twisting to get the needed funds..but at least UK's program, often the richest in the conference, could do so).
But the ratio---and what it implies--is very much out of whack. Corrections need to be made. Many presidents are understandably reluctant to cede any powers over any school budget (or ratios) to the NCAA, and I am dubious the NCAA will gain even a modicum of such powers.
But, this puts the responsibility right where it belongs..on the individual school and its president and board. Can we get a "Committee of 1,000" started to act as academic boosters for UK, not to raise funds for more luxurious  locker rooms or executive suites at stadii?
I am not holding my breath, but how can any thinking Cat fan look at the NCAA report and not know things have to change and more emphasis must be put on academics.  Must. Now. 

I'm just sayin'...

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