Monday, January 28, 2013


"Never drink and drive!"  We've heard that for years and the reasons, the common sense of it, are so obvious..yet many do. One Kentuckian did so recently and now he's dead..and so are 4 innocent people in the car he hit head-in. Nor is this example an isolated one.

"Never shake a baby."  But people do..and babies die, or live on with stunted brains and lives for many years. It's common sense, but apparently is overwhelmed by crying infants.

The media keeps running stories (and  many public service announcements) about these common sense know people see, read, hear them...but..shaken babies happen. Even more so drunken driving.

More innocent people die...victims of UN-common sense.

"Don't leave children in cars unattended."  Happens in cold weather and hot---and kids die. Saw several news stories on this very recently, in Kentucky and elsewhere. Is it "I'll just be gone a few minutes", or the lack of common sense?

Don't use fireworks on a nightclub stage. Not just in Rhode Island, or Argentina, or Brazil, but anywhere.  The latest inexcusable lapse of common sense came in a university town and students were among the many, many victims.

I will bet you, sometime in your life you may well go to a club or some "venue" where pyrotechnics will be used in a confined space. If that happens, please...walk quickly (don't run) and leave.

Lest you and your friends be the latest victims of uncommon sense.

I'm just sayin'...

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