Monday, January 14, 2013


When governments violate the law?

It's a question that needs study, because America is supposed to be a nation of laws.

This was called to my attention, again, by a weekend AP story. It pointed out that, the law to the contrary, two major "climate assessments" were NOT issued under the last President Bush. (Bush didn't like the global warming argument; wonder if that had anything to do with it?) Now that Obama is president, who is concerned about global warming, the reports have been issued..and, surprise!, they show serious climate problems.  (What you don't know CAN hurt you.)

In the fiscal cliff debacle, Congress violated its own law by not deciding on time.

(BTW, they're at it again, the bill for Sandy relief is, at this writing, loaded with pork and earmarks that have zip to do with Sandy relief..and they promised they wouldn't do this.)

We need a National Citizens Whistle Blower.

It ought to be the courts, but they usually can't originate anything on their own initiative. It might be the Justice Department, but the Attorney/General is named by the President.  Would Bush's A/G ask.."Mr. President, where's that climate assessment report?"  Somehow I doubt it.

OK, I've raised the issue. Do I have a solution? No. But we need one.  Just another of democracy's unanswered major issues. And, as Churchill reminded us.."Democracy is the worse form of government ever devised--except for all the rest."

I'm just sayin'....

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