Monday, November 18, 2013


Over 60% of Americans believe there was a conspiracy to kill JFK, that Lee Oswald did not act alone.  I don’t.  

Flawed as the Warren Commission report is, it’s still the best report we have..and several broadcast programs last week added to my conviction Oswald acted alone.

A fine Nova program on PBS/KET “Cold Case JFK” used modern forensic devices..lasers, computers, GPS..none available in 1963.. to show that Yes, Oswald could have and did do it. The “magic bullet” or “single bullet” theory---Oswald’s second shot struck both JFK and Texas Governor Connally--- was right.

Other programs brought out new information,..including that the Warren commission sent a secret official to meet with Fidel Castro off Cuba’s shore to be assured he did not launch the murder. That was news to me.

So was a shocker..that Bobby Kennedy, then attorney-general, point blank asked a top CIA official “Did you kill my brother?” He was told No..but that  he even felt he had to ask seems to me to be worthy of  much more investigation.

All the official records have not been made public. By law some 1200 more must be made public by October of 2017. We should know more then, but I don’t expect the conspiracy theories to end. We just don’t want to believe that a pipsqueak loser with a $20 rifle & scope changed the world. But maybe the 60% will fall drastically.

Til then, there are more good programs to be aired this week, especially on NBC and PBS. Check your local listings.

As time passes we do learn more; we might even learn the importance and necessity of more effective gun control laws…lest some future president fall victim to a home-printed, plastic, invisible to detect, even cheaper deadly weapon..and change all our lives---again.

I'm just sayin'...

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