Tuesday, November 12, 2013


This is your month—to learn important past history of your country.

I’ve been reviewing all the special programming TV(and to a lesser extent radio, especially NPR) planned for this month. It’s great and while I  pointed out last time we  would be observing anniversary events..of the space program, and even more so the JFK assassinations, events I lived through—and covered as a reporter…the JFK events dominate.

TV is a marvelous teacher; the early programs have been well done, by and large and better ones are coming.

Surveys show most Americans believe Lee Oswald did NOT act alone in killing Kennedy—the conspiracy theory. Several programs on that are scheduled.  Watch and make up your own mind. (The Warren Commission’s report was flawed, but I believe it still to be the best, basic report yet..and yes, I think Oswald did it, alone).

Other programs are on the JFK legacy..and some “what ifs”..Would we have gotten more in, or gotten  out of Vietnam. How would the Cold War have progressed. Only a few examples.

For you UK students, and more, use this month and see as many of these shows as possible. The times you live in  NOW were greatly impacted by what happened THEN..and these special programs during November offer you an unparalleled chance at an education in those times you—we all—badly need.

I'm just sayin'...

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