Monday, November 25, 2013


All nations have the right to use atomic energy for peaceful purposes, such as generating electricity. (The wisdom and practicality of that is another matter; see Japan’s recent problems.)

Nations that have signed the international treaty, including Iran, do not have the right to use the atom to build nuclear weapons. Iran has long claimed its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. We, and our allies, don’t believe Iran. We have no trust in them.

The new agreement may help end those doubts. For the next six months we have the right to daily inspections of all aspects of Iran’s atomic program. And Iran pledges to take certain steps way from processes that might lead to atomic weapons.

Six months is a short time, but IF things go well, we just may build on that time for even better controls and agreements that will keep the atomic genie in its bottle. In foreign affairs, “trust is the coin of the realm.” 

In our Senate a recent rule change was made to curb the filibuster. It was opposed by our senator Mitch as “The Democrats are using the nuclear option!”  My Goodness!  Hiroshima on the Senate floor??  More than a little excess language there, Senator.

Maybe the rule change will work out beneficially (as I hope). If so, maybe other changes can be made to end the stalemate in Washington and get needed legislation passed to get our nation moving again. Maybe the two parties will learn that working together for the country’s benefit is the very best type of politics. Domestically, too, “trust is the coin of the realm.”

If we can learn to trust  and live with Iran (because she proves she has earned that trust) maybe Democrats and Republicans can learn to live together and work for the nation’s best interests.

Let us hope. 

I'm just sayin'...

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