Sunday, May 11, 2014


Our mayors have launched co-operation and some joint consultations between our two largest cities—Louisville and Lexington..and basically that’s a good idea. Unnecessary competition helps no one, including the rest of the state.

And Lexington could certainly take a leaf from the Louisville playbook on how to get state funds..for roads and Rupp Arena..when Louisville gets so much for the Yum? Center, which so far is not financially viable, and we get so much less for Rupp Arena, which is a success.

But, co-operation has its limits.

Am I the only one who has noticed the serious poaching Louisville has done on “our” Bourbon?

Hey, what’s that county next to Fayette named? Where was bourbon started, and first made, and made into a commodity that is world-famous, taking Kentucky along with it as its home?  T’wasn’t Louisville.

Yes, there are distilleries nearby there, some very well known. The same is true, in spades down here in Central why is Louisville promoting itself as “Bourbon Country”, and it as the center of the “Urban Bourbon Trail”? And  who has a multi-day, multi-hundred dollars bourbon seminar and “tasting experience”  Taint Lexington.

So either Lou-ah-vul is poaching…or Lexington and Central Kentucky are asleep at the switch...(and both may be true!)...missing several golden opportunities.

Lexington needs to redouble its efforts promoting THIS area as the true home of Bourbon. We need a downtown “tasting center” for area bourbons (and area wines!) We need to redouble promotional efforts that we are the place the Bourbon Trail begins and ends—with all the collateral benefits that means..and we need to be doing it NOW.

Otherwise, one day we will find Louisville promoting itself as the “Horse Capital of the World”, based on just one race a year.

I'm just sayin'...

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