Sunday, May 18, 2014


General Motors has recalled over 11 million cars (of various model years) so far this year. Last year GM produced a record breaking 10 million cars. At the rate of its defects the lousy cars will keep on outnumbering the good ones. That is..if GM, which owes its life to its US customers whose tax monies bailed it out, comes clean about its defects..and if various federal agencies charged with protecting us do their job---which they haven’t.

Pat Dugger, head of Fayette Counties emergency management agency, told 27’s Bill Bryant of the 3 local disasters she fears the most. One was a tornado striking in the heart of downtown.  So why do we keep on building tornado prone buildings down there..such as the “Glass Box”, part of CentrePointe?  Glass is notoriously subject to wind damage, yet a city agency last week okayed several more floors, more glass in the “box.”

Senator McConnell called me Sunday night…well, his recorded tape  did, asking me to vote for him. Waste of his money and my time. Wrong pew, Senator. When I came here almost 40 years ago I could not register, as I wanted to, as an Independent…without giving up my vote in the crucial primary elections. The primary often determines who wins in November, so I felt forced to register to vote then..and since then the really big choices were in the Democratic primary, I so registered.   Yes, the state has a right to set such laws, and keep parties from attempting to sabotage each other by having bogus “independents” vote elsewhere..but can’t someway be found to let people like me exercise our interest in civics in a better way???

Reporters have lousy memories. Saw several local pundits and a few national ones last week discussing HRC’s possible run for the Presidency in ’16, and the “inevitability” of her nomination.  Didn’t I hear that all thru the ’08 primaries, and we all know how our first lady chief executive fared then.


Speaking of primaries, where are the news media’s stories analyzing the candidates’ ads for truthiness? Have seen none so far in print (and never in broadcasting, a really big flaw in that media’s operating
“in the public interest”—as the law requires.)  A top newspaper official told me his paper would run these this fall. I hope so. Kentucky voters need to know: we are not under attack, there is no war on coal, and BTW..if it’s fair game to ask a state official if she supports the national Democratic platform, isn’t it fair game to ask the Republican Senate leader if he does??  Darn if I’ve seen any questions like that from our reporters.

I'm just sayin'...

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