Monday, November 30, 2015


The Courier-Journal recently ran a story that its market had the 7th highest number of TV commercials for attorneys among top markets in the US.  When I mentioned this to a Lexington TV executive his answer was..."Only because Lexington wasn’t surveyed!”

My daughters tell me a local radio station, and one in Louisville, have  been playing nothing but Xmas music since the day after Halloween.  This is beyond stupid; it is UNAmerican. If true, (there is no way I will search the local dial to find out; sorry—maybe on 12/15…) I hope their staffs are getting hazard pay...and psychological counseling.

I was watching the PBS NewsHour tudder night when it was interrupted constantly by the loss of both video and audio.  I started counting the dropouts and when I got to 60 called KET. The receptionist said its picture was clear, so I called Time Warner cable, which I how I got the program.  A nice lady answered, in Florence, Ky., which means after business hours TWC appears to have NO ONE locally to answer our calls. She did NOT know of the problem, but checked and, in time reported “massive outages in N. Ky., S Indiana, Louisville and Lexington.” When I asked didn’t TWC monitor its channels for such problems the answer was “No, we depend on viewer calls to alert us.”

Which, IMHO, is a helluva way to run any business.

LFUCG, are you listening?

How many channels does the SEC Network have? I have seen references to: SEC, SEC overtime, SEC alternative, SEC secondary, and several more.  I THINK it only has two, but given the various references, by different names, on local TV and in print, I am not sure. Can our local media not get together (with the network) and agree on the same set of terms to avoid viewer confusion…and more watching for them?

I'm just sayin'...

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