Sunday, November 22, 2015


For helping us, once again, at least think about “nepotism”..the practice of hiring relatives for jobs, just because you can.

The Rowan county clerk, at the heart of the marriage license for same sex couples  issue, helped refocus on that issue. While elected, she got her start in the clerk’s office when her mother, the former clerk, hired her. Kim returned the favor by hiring her son.

A recent report by the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting, published in the Herald-Leader, points out no one keeps track of nepotism in the Commonwealth but its investigation showed 75 of our 120 counties allow it, and at least 50 have. State law gives local governments the power to set their own rules here.

That’s a baddd idea.

In too many cases there are obvious conflicts of interest, the building up of local political dynasties, and in four cases, outright stealing of public funds was found to be the case. In a dozen other counties, some variation of violation of state laws took place by those hired in a “family way.”

The report quotes one of our better legislators as pointing out some poorer counties use nepotism as a “state sponsored jobs program.”  And thus each hire is at least one vote keeping this obsolete practice.

Given the “real” problems the state has..pensions, roads, education, etc..I’m not holding my breath for any changes in the next legislature…indeed, Kim Davis may well spark bad changes in our the popular heroine she is to some.

But it’s a bad tradition, and Kentucky will just not come into its full potential until it’s eliminated and by a statewide law banning the practice.

I'm just sayin'...

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