Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Best seller author John Grisham is about to raise hackles all over Kentucky.   His new novel, Gray Mountain, based on a review I read,  is most definitely anti Big Coal.

So it is likely to become entangled in our civic discussions---and our politics. Since neither Senate candidate, to their discredit, has been answering reporters’ questions on serious issues, it is likely we are about to see something like this:

The C-J editorial board will ask Grimes if she has read the book. Since she probably doesn’t have much time on the campaign trail to read novels, she may hesitate to answer, and the Board will pounce. "Why won’t you tell us if you have read Gray Mountain?”

NBC will dispatch a team to follow her at several stops, shouting their question. "Have you read Gray Mountain?” Again, and most unwisely, she seldom stops to answer these questions, so Chuck  Todd will proclaim, "I think she has disqualified herself from a library card anywhere in Kentucky.”

You have been warned.

I'm just sayin'...

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