Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Severe storms came to Kentucky this they have in past weeks and will come again in future weeks.

Early reports are “good” loss of life, no serious injuries.

At least 3 EF-1 tornadoes have been confirmed, with winds doing major property damage in several counties. As usual, “mobile homes” probably suffered the most.

Weather-casters universally urged mobile home dwellers to seek shelter in more substantial buildings. What a damning indictment! These homes are basically unsafe in serious storms. Yet, given our terrain and income levels, we know such homes are popular. Outlawing them is not a possibility.

But why do we keep on resisting various safety measures which are available for such homes, especially “straps?”  These are heavy metal devices around the homes, anchored securely in the ground. Would they protect the homes from all storms? No.  Would they limit damages and possibly save lives?  Yes.

So why do we equivocate?

The legislature should pass laws requiring such straps in the future. But there doesn’t seem to be a glimmer of hope for such passage. I would guess this is due to the political clout of the “manufactured homes” industry..tho it flies in the faces of helping our citizens.

If Frankfort won’t do it, maybe Lexington's Urban County Council…and other city councils throughout our state..should impose such safety rules on future purchases.

For those storms will come again. 

Next time we may not be so lucky.

I'm just sayin'...

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