Sunday, October 12, 2014

Our "Secret" Ballot

We take it for granted today, but as with so many of our freedoms it was hard won..and Kentucky figured in its history.

“Secret” ballots..casting your vote in private...was a movement of the mid19th France, and Britain and especially Australia. Before that many countries had systems which allowed the rulers to pressure the voters into voting their way. One was the “Oral” vote, so obviously subject to mob pressures..and yet, Kentucky was the last state to give up the oral vote in `1891. (To its credit, Louisville was the first city in the U-S to adopt the “Australian secret ballot” that same year. U-S presidential elections didn’t have secret nationwide ballots until 1894.

I get many calls by “pollsters” and “surveys” and I tell them all..happy to give you my views on issues but I will NOT tell you who I will vote forever-- (if I’ve decided)..and I am appalled that many people talk to exit pollsters and  tell them who they voted for...if they are truthful about it.

All this by way of background for the really outrageous way some in the media have been piling on Alison Grimes for refusing to say if she had voted for Obama. Her reasons may be ultra-political, given his low, low ratings in Kentucky…but it is also her right as an American.

That she was even asked by the Courier-Journal editorial board makes me wonder if they understand and appreciate this right we have. And the piling on by other reporters was even worse. 

NBC’s political reporter Chuck Todd was quoted that her refusal “disqualifies her” from being Senator. That’s an opinion; reporters are not supposed to express opinions in their reporting. Back to Journalism 101, Mr. Todd.

Senator McConnell was asked if he voted for Nixon. He said he did. That’s his choice and his right. 

So Mitch voted for Tricky Dick. Nixon the Crook. Nixon the only U.S. president to resign---in disgrace. And this is better than voting for Obama???

This blog is not an endorsement for any candidate; it is an endorsement for our secret ballot—and for keeping it that way!

I'm just sayin'...

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